Thank You Steve!


So today brings the news of Steve Jobs’ passing. It’s a sad day for the the world. As the chairman and co-founder of Apple Inc., Steve pioneered the electronic universe with the personal computer. From the early days in his garage with Steve Wozniak to now with the iPod, iPhone and iPad, he was always pushing innovation to new places.

As a kid, I remember working on all kinds of computers. We had TRS (Trash) 80s, Commodore 64s and we had the Apple (predecessor to the Macs). I always wanted to get in the computer lab at school to use our Apple II. Remember those days? A brace-faced, pimply getting excited to have the privelege to access to the lab. I think I still have my Computer Lab card somewhere. Anyway, I didnt do much with it back then. I tried my hand at some simple programming and spent hours “playing.”

Years after that, in college, I had my first “gotta have it” experience with the Mac. Again in the computer lab, I was having my go at FormZ and 3-D modeling. In today’s terms, it was somewhat primitive…but back then it blew me away. The computer was so user friendly, the program ran bug free and I was elated. Shortly there after all the students in Architecture school were mandated to purchase a PC. I desperately wanted a Mac….but back in those days there was no AutoCad for Mac, so the decision was made for me. I was told Architects use PCs and Graphic Designers use Macs…

Well fast forward some years…I was at a crossroads career wise. I decided to take a leap of faith and try my hand at Graphic Design. I had already been dabbling with a Tshirt company (STRiKE designs), some very primitive web work, and illustrating. I thought, hey I always wanted a Mac, it is now time. So I bought a MacBook Pro. Like a kid waiting for Christmas, I was constantly checking it’s tracking status. The day it arrived, I smiled from ear to ear. Ah, good times. It and the Mac Tower I have in my office, have been the most utilized tools in my creativity toolbox.

So, thank you Steve for the innovation. Thank you for cultivating young minds to grow. Thank you for making animated movies better. Thank you for smart phone technology. And finally thank you for making all of our lives a little easier and fun!

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Dipping my toe into the Blogosphere

Cindy Arco on the boat in Belize!

So last Friday night, I attended a lecture by Aaron Draplin of DDC, inc. It was both inspiring and motivational. I decided it’s time to get my stuff together and get back into doing MORE design.

Everyday I go to work and am privileged to work for a company that pays me for doing what I love to do. The only negative is that in terms of design, it can be construed as a bit tame. I must adhere to corporate guidelines and standards. The reasoning behind doing this makes sense to me and is what I think many brands lack…cohesiveness. That being said, I’m always excited to break out of the box and CREATE.

In the past months, I have been focused on two things..My wife and my home. Cindy Arco, my lovely wife, is a PR Account exec at Dalton Agency. She works hard and is a great partner in life. Besides being immensely supportive, she is the ying to my yang. As you can see from her smile, she brightens up a room and will have you smiling within minutes of talking to her.

My second focus is our home. For the past years, it has been in a state of de-construction. We have slowly been working our way to making it visitable again. My parents have done so much work and we are on our way to completion. Our goal is to be close by year’s end.

Now that I can say that I am finally feeling some balance with the afore mentioned foci. My newest goal is to get back to the mind state I had in my college days. Sketching, conceptualizing, building, making and creating ideas….everyday. Part of that plan is to document my thoughts on this blog.

With this post, it begins…


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