Trip to BASF Global Headquarters – Ludwigshafen

BASF Global Headquarters

This past week, I made a quick trip to the BASF Global Headquarters in Ludwigshafen, Germany. I was there to present some best practices from our group BASF Wall Systems (Jacksonville, Florida). In addition, I was included in a one day workshop to share/discuss some great ideas with future business web strategies.  I am extremely happy to be working for such a great company. We aren’t satisfied with maintaining the status quo and always looking for the what will be successful this year, next year and ten years out. It was great to network and to also finally meet in-person my colleagues, Nitish Kaul and Patrick Schmidt-Kuehnle. We have such an amazing team globally. I am excited for the great things to come!

BASF Campus  Patrick Schmidt-Kuehnle  BASF

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